Become a Member

Soon as you become a member, you are able to join in one of our many games on our Games Calendar at any branch. Your membership will allow you to reserve your seat at the table until the game session is complete for that Games Quarter.

Becoming a member has many benefits. You will receive a membership card that entitles you to discounts at a variety of roleplay and gaming stores and outlets. Also discounts for your Game Session Tokens. Membership at The Role Play Haven cost £10 for a year and expires at the end of September each year – this is reduced by £2 every 3 months / Games Quarter. This supports The Role Play Haven organization to continue to support local communities.


Get discounts at various different retailers and publishers. Here just some of them:

  • Mindjammer Press
  • Leisure Games
  • Games Sesh
  • Modiphius Entertainment
  • Bonhomie Games



  • Supports local Charities
  • Supports opening new branches for more communities
  • Supports special fundraising events
  • Support new charity initiatives and project

Club Benefits

Your membership will also give you special perks at your branch, such as:

  • Full player access to this website
  • Reserve you seat at any game
  • Run your own game for free
  • Discount for Game Session Tokens
  • Voting rights at your branch elections
  • and more!

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