Games Quarter for 2023

Our games run in a quarterly cycle, with each quarter being a period of three months (12 weeks). Typically, each gaming quarter will have 12 total game sessions. Some games run for half a quarter (a month and a half, with 6 game sessions). The start and end week of each quarter is listed below, with each branch starting and ending on their individual games night during that week.

2024 Quarter Dates

Quarter 1: 8th January to 29th of March

Pitch Week 4th – 8th March
Optional One-Shot Week 11th – 15th March

Quarter 2: 1st April to 28th June

Pitch Week 3rd – 7th June
Optional One-Shot Week 10th – 14th June

Quarter 3: 1st July to 20th September

Pitch Week 26th – 30th August
Optional One-Shot Week: 2nd – 6th September

Quarter 4: 23rd September to 20th December

Pitch Week 25th – 29th November
Optional One-Shot Week: 2nd – 6th December
Optional Branch Activity 16th – 20th December. Branches have the option of either having a regular games night or a Christmas Party.


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