Our Charity Work

We at the Role Play Haven, strongly believe in supporting the local community of each of our branches; so much so that a few years ago in 2015 we became a non-profit, charity interested company (CIC). This way all of our members raise money for local charities while rolling dice!

How we choose our charities.
When setting up a new branch and it has been running for a few months to a year, all its members can nominate a local charity to support. The charity that gets the most votes from members will be the selected and at the end of every financial year, a portion of the money which has not been used to cover the costs of running the club itself will be donated to charity.

  • Lewisham: Friends of Lewisham
  • Stratford: MIND
  • Archway: Shelter from the storm
  • Cardiff Central: LATCH – The Welsh children’s cancer charity
  • Cardiff North: Velindre Cancer Centre

We support conventions, such as Dragonmeet, raising money at their events..

So far, through our gaming nights, convention shenanigans, we have raised a stunning £17,000 in just five years; and we hope to raise many more in the years to come! We want to say a big thank you to all our members and volunteers throughout the years that have donated time, money and energy to always helping local communities.

We Work With...

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