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Candlekeep – A DND 5e Campaign

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Standing atop a rocky crag overlooking the Sea of Swords, the massive citadel of Candlekeep has endured the elements for centuries and defied the degradations of time. Within its walls lies a cloistered community of scholars - and the largest repository of written lore in Faerun. No mere library, Candlekeep is at once both a source and the answer to mysteries both ancient and modern. Great is the prestige of working in any capacity for Candlekeep’s Keeper of Tomes. So when you are approached to accept a contract to join the Keeper’s staff for a year to act as one of the Hands of the Keeper, your interest is immediate ...
Series of loosely linked adventures, starting from level 7. New player friendly.

Eyes Unclouded – DnD 5e – Beginner Friendly

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Eyes Unclouded is an anthology of adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, inspired by classic Japanese animation, espescially the works of Studio Ghibli. Entreat with the Cat King of the Feywild, learn the truth behind a curse affecting an ancient forest, race by airship to find a lost sky fortress and more!

Fate Condensed: Tales of The Invincible – Legacy of the Star Patrol

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

This is a retro science fiction adventure in a setting made more akin to the wild west due to the chaos of reconstruction left after the war and the loss of the Star Patrol.

The rules we'll be using are Fate Condensed using the default skill list. Pilot replaces drive, lore is replaced with Science!

D5e: Dragon of Icespire Peak

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons? Look no further than the Dragon of Icespire Peak.

With a rich storyline, challenging encounters, and opportunities for exploration in the dangerous wilderness surrounding the titular peak.

The adventure takes place around the Sword Coast town of Phandalin. The main plot revolves around a dragon that is causing trouble in the area. You are tasked with defeating the dragon and returning peace to the valley.

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel – D&D 5e – Sunday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

Through the mists of the Ethereal Plane shines the Radiant Citadel. Travelers from across the multiverse flock to this mysterious bastion to share stories & calls for heroes. The Radiant Citadel is the first step on the path to legend. Where will your journeys take you?

The Society Rebuilds! Vaesen: Mythic Britain & Ireland – Sunday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

Victorian Britain. Smoke fills your lungs, smog covers the streets, man conquers nature.

The poor, starving, dirty, and cold, look at you with pleading eyes. The wealthy look down with scorn as they use you for their own ends.

All the while creatures whisper your name. In the dark, just out of reach. Whispering terrible, beautiful things.

Play in the 2nd part of the award-winning RPG Vaesen by Free League. Suitable for new players with intuitive rules and strong roleplaying, where the choices you make directly impact you, your friends, and the world around you.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh – D&D5e – Sunday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

**This game is a long running continuation from previous quarters, with the party at level 6**

Welcome to Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a campaign built of seven main sections that take place in a region famous for its unique challenges and deadly threats.

Entombed with Pharaohs (D&D 5e)

Big Red - Archway Archway, London

Have you ever fancied yourself as a tomb raider? Pitting yourself against the traps, the curses and the guardians of priceless treasures. The deadly pyramid tomb of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension has finally been discovered and the race is on to plunder its rich hoard. Untold wealth awaits the winner, but the prize might instead include an eternity of undead servitude.

Dungeons and Dragons: Troll Trouble

Liverpool Liverpool, Liverpool

Vital supplies have failed to arrive at the suffering frontier settlement of Ravendale. Rumours are flying that the supply wagon has fallen afoul of the legendary troll of Stonebottom bridge. Unless the heroes reclaim the suppliers, the town won't survive the coming winter!

Dungeons & Dragons – Lost Mine Of Phandelver

Liverpool Liverpool, Liverpool

Embark on an epic journey in the enchanting realm of Faerûn! Join the quest to uncover the Lost Mines of Phandelver, restore peace to Phandalin, and shape the destiny of the Sword Coast. Dungeon Master Chris Everett awaits your imagination and wits as you forge alliances, battle foes, and delve into ancient mysteries. All adventurers, seasoned or new, are welcome to this thrilling campaign of dungeons, epic battles, and Faerûn's history-making moments. Prepare your characters and answer the call to adventure!

One Shot Night – Primal Dark

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London


One Shot Night: The Spire of Velnoya – DnD 5e

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

A rescue mission in the sleepy mountain town of Velnoya leads to contact with a secretive order of scholars and the discovery of an ancient, buried evil.

One Shot Night – The Spy Game: a dnd 5e

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

System: Spy Game
Scenario: Operation Silver Heart
Discription: you are peacekeeping personel deployed to deal with another meaningless conflict in another Hot Zone around the world. Your job is simple, a patrol with a UN negotiator went missing, your job is to find them. Easy right?

One shot week – Roll for shoes: Oceans 6

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

Can you pull of a daring heist? Will you get away without being noticed? Can all of your crew be trusted? Are you wearing shoes? Find out here!

One Shot Week – Pathfinder RPG: Price of Immortality Final TPK Session

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

This is a final session for the mini-arc played between January and December 2023. Most of the players will have played the three adventures of the arc Price of Immortality, but it is not a requirement, as this heavy-combat session is likely to end on a TPK.

One shot week – Book of the Raven

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

A one shot adventure for 3rd level adventurers from the book "Candlekeep Mysteries". The story is set in Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

One shot week – Monster of the Week/The Harker Intrusion

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

Monster of the Week is a Powered by the Apocalypse action-horror RPG about hunting down evil monsters. The Harker Intrusion is an introduction to the world of The Dracula Dossier, where super-spies fight the Prince of Darkness himself!

One shot week – Dishonored

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

Gas-lamp fantasy; based on the Dishonored computer game series. Deliver your gang's tribute to the Dead Eels Gang and return safe to your home turf to speak of it.

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