Welcoming a new Drake to the family!

The days are getting shorter, the nights a little colder and many are readying themselves to hibernate across the winter months. But a sea breeze from the south carries the call of an energetic and defiant drake, ready to take its place in the world!

As we go into a new role playing year the Role Play Haven is excited to announce that Red Drake Gaming are joining us as a new branch in the great port city of Plymouth! Already well established and bringing people together for board, card, dice and role playing games, we are excited to welcome Red Drake Gaming into the Role Play Haven family and support them to further grow and flourish. 

Not only have Red Drake Gaming been growing the role play community in Plymouth but they’ve also been raising money for local charities as well! As the Plymouth Branch of the Role Play Haven we seek to further grow the community, introducing people new and old to great role playing games, and, of course, getting more people to roll dice and raise funds for charities.

To help celebrate Red Drake Gaming joining us as a new branch we will have custom Membership cards available to our new southern members and also available to some of London role players as well! Check out the News on Monday for more details!

Want to find out more about the Plymouth Branch? Join the mailing list for the latest news here! Also keep an eye out on the RP Haven website for branch info and games (coming soon)!

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6 September, 2019

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