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Hi Everyone, 

As you all know we are in challenging times since March when we all shifted from rolling dice together in a physical club to virtual dice rolling online, oddly the dice rolls are the same but now you can’t sin bin your dice when they roll badly! Thank you for all your patience and for working with your branch committees and us to make RP Haven a success online, without everyone’s support we could have lost our wonderful community. 

Sadly Covid-19 has kept its grip on the nation, so despite RP Haven keeping a surplus of 6 months venue money to ensure that should anything happen our doors will stay open to you, our members and your weekly gaming nights, the budget is very tight for us. We have been counting the pennies and dropped everything to an even tighter budget. Now, we need YOUR help to launch a crowd fund campaign at the end of this month. 

Our clubs rely on being out in the community, and gaming in physical spaces. Due to the effect of Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, we have no choice but to set up a GoFundMe so we can survive any future lockdowns. This crowd funder will help us re-launch the clubs in January 2021, helping us to provide a safer gaming environment for both members and volunteers and to adapt our current website, in order to better support the community during this continuing pandemic and in the future. Any surplus donations will go into future projects like charity gaming events, and to continue building new gaming communities.

We will shortly be releasing the video for the campaign where you’ll see many big names from the games industry who got involved to help support us! Also, we will be having a charity Twitch streaming event for you and your friends to watch! More details will be forthcoming, so keep your diary free for what promises to be a fun night of manic game play!

GoFundMe launches on 30th October 2020. 

Thank you and stay safe, stay positive, and keep on gaming!

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24 October, 2020

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