We are Funded!

Beyond our wildest dreams, we reached our target of £3500 today, this is something we honestly never thought would happen so quickly. The kindness which all of you have shown us has been frankly amazing, from being fully funded in 3 days to the most wonderful comments some of you left us on your donations.

Thank you, this means a lot, not only to us but also to our wonderful volunteers and members. Your donations will allow us to achieve all the goals in our pledge from Covid-19 safety measures in the real world, having the back up to survive another lockdown, being able to open up all our branches when restrictions are eased, and allowing us to have a new website which will enable our members and committees safer contactless payments.

We aren’t sure how many times we can say thank you to you all, but we will keep on saying it, you are all amazing people!

Thank you and stay safe, stay positive, and keep on gaming!

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

29 November, 2020

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