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We need your help. We’re looking for volunteers to helping strengthen the haven…

A Little About Us 
The Role Play Haven CIC is a fast-growing Community Interested Company. We have three tabletop gaming branches around London with further plans to create more venues for gamers to play games. Each Branch raises money for their chosen local charity by attending the club and taking part in other events during the year – all they do is rolling dice! We also have plans for new projects to help local communities, using role-playing games as the tool to help improve people with learning difficulties; bullying and social skills.

We currently have 14 non-paid volunteers committee members who are part-time and over 300 members attending the branches over the year.The PositionThis position is to help strengthen our communication with our members and the public. This is a vital position for our company as we actively rely on written material for social media, governance and our community updates. 

Responsibilities and Duties– Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability based on briefs.
– Read copy or proof to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
– preparing press releases
– Developing target and engaging content for websites and social media channels
It would be a bonus if you also had:
– Legal experience
– Good knowledge of either tabletop role-playing games or board games
Qualifications and Skills
– Exceptional verbal, copy and proofing skills
– The ability to write in different styles to reflect the nature of the audience and message
– Attention to detail
– Strong organizational skills
– Computer literacy in word processing 
Estimate Hours per week 2. Additional hours may be requested.
This is a non-paid volunteer position.
Please email garry@rphaven.co.uk if you like to apply. Deadline is 22nd March 2018

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1 March, 2018

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