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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition: Attack on Myth Drannor

On-Line Branch: Roll20

Where elves once built the shinning city of Myth Drannor, demons and devils now prowl in search of prey. Ancient Evil slumbers beneath mossy stones, waiting for those foolish enough to venture within its grasp. Bold swordsmen, stealthy rogues and skillful wizards have all met their end within the walls of Myth Drannor. But the lure of the city's magical treasures still draws heroes and villains alike to tempt death, or worse. Drawn by the dream of limitless magical power, the Cult of the Dragon has carved out a secret stronghold in the heart of the ruins. Using power of a corrupted pool of radiance, the Cultists stand poised to attain their goal of subjugating all of Faerûn. Unless a group of brave heroes can stop them first…

The Enemy Within – Redux.

Badger Badger - Lewisham 139-145 Deptford High, London

Revamp of The Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition.

Avatar Legends – Tales From Ba Sing Se

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

We’re bringing the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender to life at the table! Send your characters on action-packed escapades through the Four Nations. Weave tales of self-discovery and action with your new friends, and bring balance to the world!

The Dragon’s Bane: D&D 5th Edition

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

Welcome to "The Dragon's Bane", an epic high fantasy adventure set in the lads of the Silver Kingdom. In this world, dragons rule a powerful and magically advanced society, but a dark force threatens their ancient nation.

The Silver Kingdom has hired “the Dragons Bane” a group of level 5 dragon hunters to put an end to a growing threat on their border. As the party sets out on what seems like a straightforward mission, they quickly find themselves entangled in a web of mystery, magic, and powerful foes beyond their wildest imaginations.

D&D 5e – ‘Parnast in Peril’ (transitioning into) ‘Storm King’s Thunder’ (New player friendly)

Badger Badger - Lewisham 139-145 Deptford High, London

Set against the backdrop of the Storm King’s Thunder Story and campaign, this Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign will be taking place in or around the small town of Parnast, one of the first permanent settlements to the west of the great Anauroch Desert, and the last place to get a decent drink east of the Greypeak Mountains.

You’ll find yourself thrust into the role of local heroes tasked (willing or unwilling) into keeping Parnast in one piece, as the events of the wider world drive upheavals which affect even this remote outpost.

If Parnast is saved, the party will then head out into the wider D&D world and delve deeper into the Storm King's Thunder campaign setting.

Mansions of Madness – Pulp Cthulhu – Tuesday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

Find & confront hidden evils threatening humanity with the Golden Key Detective Agency.

Call of Cthulhu using the Pulp! Cthulhu ruleset & Mansions of Madness Vol 1: Behind Closed Doors supplement.

Adult horror themes & exciting gameplay for players of all experiences.

Auroboros – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

Continuing from the previous quarter with chracters at level 7, enter the world of Lawbrand from Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent, a land steeped in dangerous magic. Will you master the power of the Auroboros, or will it consume you entirely?

Reavers of Harkenwold: D&D 4th Edition

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

While D&D 4E has a bad reputation it is my favourite edition and so I want to run one of the most highly recommended modules for the first time.

You are a band of new adventurers from the Barony of Harkenwold in the Nentir Vale. While you have been cutting your teeth on your first adventure things have not been well back home. A band of mercenaries called the Iron Circle have taken the Barony and begun oppressing the people. Concerned for friends and family you have all raced to Harkenwold to try and save your home.

Recruitment Drive: D&D 5th Edition

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

A D&D 5e homebrew adventure perfect for new players and veterans alike. Kicking off in a bustling fantasy city our players have caught the eye of an adventurer recruiter promising gold, glory, and really good HR policies. All they need to do is one basic trial task to get themselves the job, simple…right?

You can expect a pretty light-hearted and ‘rule of cool’ led table where the book rules are more guidelines for a fun collaborative storytelling experience. 

The Alien Odyssey: Year Zero Engine

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

In space, no one can hear you scream. Playing through the Alien Cinematic series with your lifelong bubbies... who may betray you and leave you to the tender mercy of a hungry Xenomorph.

Candlekeep Mysteries – D&D 5th Edition

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

Candlekeep citadel encompasses a vast library containing the largest repository of written lore in Faerûn. You and your fellow adventurers stand at the gates, about to seek the information that has brought you here. Whatever your purpose for visiting, there is plenty of adventure and intrigue beyond to be found within the walls of Candlekeep.

MASKS: London’s First

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

In a post-pandemic London, something miraculous happened! The COVID vaccinations didn't just protect, they supercharged

In the heart of London, teenagers are waking up with auperpowers. The year is 2023, and the COVID-19 vaccination had an unexpected consequence. It granted extraordinary abilities to its recipients. England's first-ever generation of superheroes has emerged.

Open Table: One Shot Rotation

The Escape Bar - Stratford 25 West Ham Lane, Stratford

We're playing 1-3 week one-shots, inviting players to take a turn DMing if they feel inspired. The table is system agnostic, so show us that game you've struggled to get to the table (subject to group buy-in), or join as a dedicated player for a taster menu of TTRPGs.

Doctor Who: The RPG

Big Red - Archway Archway, London

An adventure in space and time. 

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this cult show I will run this fast paced, character led game, with a different location each week (aside from a couple of two parters), where the players can take on any role from the program or create their own.

Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Big Red - Archway Archway, London

Welcome Adventurers to the fantastical world of the Feywild! Once every eight years the fantastic Witchlight Carnival touches down on your world, bringing joy to one settlement after the next. Its owners, Mister Witch and Mister Light, know how to put on a good show. But there's more to this magical extravaganza than meets the eye!

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