The Role Play Haven and The Friends of University Hospital Lewisham team up!

“The Role Play Haven donated £1117.04 to Friends of the UHL between 6th of January 2017 and 24th July 2017”

Friends of the University Hospital Lewisham 2017

At the Role Play Haven we’ve kicked off the new gaming year by beginning Game Quarter 1 and electing brand new committees to lead us in our mad adventures! But before we get swept up in new quests and theatrical role playing we want to give an enormous shout out to our Lewisham Branch and the past year’s committee.

The branch meets every Wednesday from 7pm in one of south east London’s best kept secrets:The Lewis Club – a cosy venue in the grounds of the hospital. This year they decided to raise money for their host. To complete this noble quest the Lewisham Branch teamed up with The Friends of the University Hospital Lewisham, who fundraise for patients and staff and rely on donations.

A portion of the money collected on every game night was put towards the total and members also volunteered at London’s Dragonmeet Convention, GMing. By helping coordinate the successful event and fundraising on the day, they managed to raise even more money. Thanks to all these role play adventures the branch were able to donate £1117.04!

On the Wednesday 13th September, the Lewisham Branch had their annual meeting and Valerie Fairbrass – the Chairperson of The Friends of the University Hospital Lewisham – came down in person to thank the committee and branch members and hand over a letter of appreciation. Valerie informed the Role Play Haven that the money donated had been used to purchase much needed wheelchairs for the Care of the Elderly wards. Prior to this there had been none available and this donation makes a huge difference to those being treated on the Elm and Ash wards of Lewisham Hospital.

“I very much hope that we can continue this relationship and once again thank all your members for their great generosity.”

Valerie Fairbrass, Chair of Friends of the University Hospital Lewisham, 2017

The Role Play Haven is looking forward to another year of adventuring and storytelling, as well as continuing our work with both the local community and the role play community. If you would like to get involved with fundraising, donating or supporting the Role Play Haven please get in contact with one of our friendly members reps in club or email our Community Director

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22 October, 2017

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