The Code of Conduct


This code sets out the types of behaviour that will not be acceptable attending any events hosted by The Role Play Haven and outlines the consequences for such behaviour occurring as deemed by The Role Play Haven. The Code of Conduct has been established to ensure that the highest standard of behaviour is demonstrated by all representatives of The Role Play Haven who participate in club activities, events and competitions.

The code applies to all members of The Role Play Haven and is effective from the date membership commences until the date upon which membership ceases.

Guests shall be made aware of the Code of Conduct upon arrival to club events, and be shown to them as conditions for entry; if found to be in breach they shall be asked to leave and unwelcome at future events.

Any member or guest of The Role Play Haven who does, or is involved in, any of the following types of behaviour shall be in breach of the code:

  1. Breaching the venue location’s rules.
  2. Failing to comply with a reasonable direction of a club official.
  3. Harassment of any other person.
  4. Acts of discrimination.
  5. Acts of bulling.
  6. Acting in an unlawful manner.
  7. Acting in any other manner which brings The Role Play Haven into disrepute.


If the club receives information which is considered to be a breach of the code, they have the right to investigate the breach. If satisfied that a breach may have occurred they shall refer the matter to a hearing that will be conducted by The Role Play Haven Review Board. Any member or guest brought before the Review Board has the right to appeal if they disagree with the outcome. The appeal request must be submitted in writing within 14 days of the individual being informed of said decision.The Role Play Haven Review Board is composed of either:

The Role Play Haven Review Board is composed of either:

A. A branch manager and an impartial committee member, 
B. A director. 

The Appeal Board is composed either: 

A. Two directors and one branch manager
B. One branch manager, one impartial committee members and one director. 

If a conflict of interest is noted from attending parties the branch committee shall convene to select an appropriate impartial member replacement.

This process has been set-up to enable any complaint, incident or matter relating to the conduct of The Role Play Haven members and guests to be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

If The Role Play Haven Review Board is satisfied the member or guest is in breach of the Code of Conduct it may impose any one or more of the following penalties, depending upon the severity of the breach:

Informal or formal warning. An individual may only receive three warnings before their membership is revoked, as part of a three strike rule.


  1. Withdrawal of position.
  2. Membership revoked. Temporarily/Permanently banning from events held by the Role Play Haven.
  3. The individual involved in the dispute has the right to represent themselves before the Board to state their case.
  4. All individuals who is a member of The Role Play Haven involved have the right to seek advice, support and assistance from the Committee Member Representatives and external agencies, and may bring a supporting individual with them to all interviews, meetings and appeals. If you are not a member of The Role Play Haven we recommend you seek support from an external agency.

Any decision made by the Board will be made by a majority vote. The Board shall give its decision to the individual in writing as soon as possible after the completion of the hearing. For confidentiality reasons, the Board is not required to publicly state its reasons for the decision to club members.

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