Update from Archway Branch

Long time no see

Apologies for not keeping in touch for such a long time, but as you can imagine, lockdown has been a fumbled roll for many people. In spite of that, we at the RP Haven kept plotting in the background to get the reopening ready as soon as we are allowed to!

This includes our new website for which we ran a Go Fund Me Page last October. We are now testing it, and will keep you updated on the progress and launch date.

First of all we would like to introduce you to your committee again, as there have been a couple of changes in the last few months:

  • Chris: branch manager
  • Federica: games coordinator (former branch manager)
  • Martin: member rep
  • Rob: member rep

We also have a very BIG news….we have got a new Venue!!!!! When we reopen, we will move to the…

Geek Retreat Holloway
539 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 4BT

Here we will be able to game in safety and according to social distancing rules; we will no longer have a 10 pm curfew and will be able to order food and drinks from the bar.

Until then, and to allow you to warm up your dice, we will be running a series of short games on discord on Tuesday evening; more details will follow soon.
If any of you is interested in running a game, or if anyone has a special request for a game, please let us know.

If you have any question about the games, or any other query, you can email archway@rphaven.co.uk
We really cannot wait to game with you and hopefully see you soon!!!

Kind Regards,

Archway Committee

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15 August, 2021

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