Marinos Miltiadous

Marinos Miltiadous

Finance Assistant

I am originally from Cyprus and came to the UK to study in 2006 and have been here ever since :). My background is in biology with a specific interest in bats and reptiles. I have a mix husky/hound puppy named Taran that keeps me active by wanting to go on walks all the time.

An avid fan of everything Marvel, anime and Japan in general. Usually, you can find me exploring different MMO RPGs and currently lost in the world of Final Fantasy 14.

I have been a fan of RPGs since I first played and spent hours in Baldur's gate and Neverwinter Nights on my pc, many many years ago. I have always been fascinated by the world of D&D so last year when the world started to emerge back to life, I tried a one-shot at an RP Haven event and got hooked.

A year later, and with various dead characters after, I wanted to get a bit more involved and when the position of finance volunteer came up, as my current job is in that area, I have decided to help out.

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