Joe Rossabi

Joe Rossabi

Regional Manager for London

I’ve been gaming since my early days. I got hooked on the Fighting Fantasy series, graduated to the D&D Basic Set aged 8, and never looked back. My latest obsession is Blood Bowl, besides which I run D&D, Cthulhu, Delta Green, and other systems, for RP Haven and various home campaigns.

I joined Archway Branch on its opening night in 2018. I volunteered as a Member Representative shortly after, and have worked as Games Coordinator for the past three years. It’s been a pleasure to serve on the committee and help the club grow into the wonderful community it is today.

In my new role as Regional Manager for London I’ll be assisting our London branches in expanding their membership, and providing welcoming, safe environments where people from all walks of life can enjoy this richly rewarding hobby.

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of our London clubs, whether as a player, GM or volunteer, please do get in touch. I can be reached on Discord at JoeR0852 or via email at

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