Bill Heron

Bill Heron

Regional Manager for Scotland

A long-time resident of Edinburgh, Bill was instrumental in setting up the Edinburgh branch. Bill became a gamer at an early age after receiving Starship Traveller as a birthday present, the Fighting Fantasy book. Since then, he’s run more RPG campaigns than he can count, and created more worlds than he can remember for a variety of systems. There are several box-binders of his worlds, “just in case”. He’s a full-time IT Infrastructure Engineer and has been known to have free time when he’s not working with Edinburgh’s large gaming community as a GM or volunteer. Usually, this “free time” involves freelance writing for RPGs (he also edits, proof-reads, and indexes). He has a fondness for old-school D6 Star Wars and his work/games often involve the Cthulhu Mythos. You can find his work in the Achtung! Cthulhu range, Mutant Chronicles (3rd Ed.), Infinity RPG, and Musketeers vs. Cthulhu (plus others)! Bill is married, lives at the foot of the castle, and is ruled over by Missy the cat

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