Stratford Reopening

Calling all adventures, investigators and storytellers! After a long year and half of gaming online the Stratford Branch is returning to face to face gaming at its beloved home; The Escape Stratford.

Beginning Tuesday the 27th of September at 7pm our new quarter of face to face roleplaying games starts. GMs if you have a story to tell please let us know by submitting a game on our website!! Adventurers if you looking for a game so you can show off all the cool dice you’ve bought during lockdown then games will be available on the website and for sign up on Tuesday 14th at 7pm.

The Return of the Stratford Branch

We also want to announce Alex Stratford Branch Manager and Nick our Games Coordinator are stepping down from their positions on the 13th of September, and we want to thank them and all the Stratford committee for the amazing work they’ve done especially during Covid. If any members would be keen to join our volunteer committee please get in contact to let us know or to ask us any questions at

We are super excited to return, and we hope to see you around a gaming table soon!!

Written By Dave Coulter

Post Details:

11 September, 2021

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