Rumours in the west, are you ready?

A new venture is rumoured in the west. It is whispered about in taverns and gossiped about in the marketplace. One fact is always the same… The Role Play Haven has games, if you have dice.*

The Role Play Haven is excited to announce our West London branch, opening another space for our members new and old to gather, laugh, game and roll dice together! Welcoming players from all walks of life, the West London branch will build into the community and support local charities, all through the magic of role play! Dates and venue are still to be announced but keep an eye on the horizon for more information! 

Want to be clued in on all West London Branch news? Join the mailing list here and get all the important updates about our upcoming shiny new branch!

*If you do not have your own dice please do still come along as I’m sure one of our friendly Game Masters or Players will be able to lend you some. 

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10 April, 2019

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