Role Together Charity Franchise

Would you like to start your own club? role play and raise money for the local community?

Currently we have four branches of The Role Play Haven: Stratford branch, Lewisham branch, Archway branch, and Cardiff Branch, who all meet weekly to bring awesome adventures and amazing stories to England and Wales role play community. Each week our branches welcome new and old role players into our friendly, vibrant, and extremely active community.So we figure, why not share the fun? We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the “Role Together Scheme”, a charity franchise program and support network to guide you in building or growing your own club by becoming a branch of The Role Play Haven.

How does this work?

View the PDF brochure below, which should give you all the information you need to get started. We’ve tried to keep it brief and easy to follow, and we’ve included our contact information for any questions you have. 

So why are we doing this?

Our Board of Directors all work in the gaming industry and charity sector, all sharing the same passion of helping others through role play. Our vision is to build exciting and friendly role play communities, who support their local area by raising money for charity while chucking dice and telling stories! 

In return, we ask you?

Put simply, you’ll just need to follow the constitution laid out by the members of The Role Play Haven, run a democrat- ic branch, have regular meetings with your committee, and keep tidy book keeping.

So if you love Role Play games and are interested in building and supporting local communities, The Role Play Haven is the place for you! 

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12 July, 2018

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