Rejoice, a new Branch is founded!

Bards write mournful soliloquies, Fighters raise their swords in salute and Clerics give thanks for its service as our players in Wales say goodbye to the Taffs Well Village Hall. Serving as the heart of the community for almost 60 years the Village Hall was opened as a welfare institute for the people of Taffs Well and has hosted all manner of events for the community, including birthday parties, blood drives and practice spaces for local actors. While it has been a great venue for our players over the last six months the Hall is sadly closing its doors. But do not be alarmed – we are not closing the gates to the valleys – merely moving south to the castle itself!

Celebrating the New Year, the Role Play Haven is excited to be opening our second branch in Wales! Hosted in Radyr, Cardiff at the Old Church Rooms we’ll be gathering scientists and barbarians, Jedi and private eyes – all in the name of rolling dice and raising money for charity!

So please join us at our new branch from Wednesday, the 9th of January at 6:30pm to roll some dice, share some laughs, and raise money for a great cause!

Venue Details:

Castle Room, Old Church Rooms, 

Park Road


Cardiff CF15 8DF

Games: Every Wednesday; 6:30pm till 11:30pm 

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8 January, 2019

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