Northampton TTRPG Club Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce that The Role Play Haven is in the process of establishing our 10th branch, this time in Northampton.

If you’re passionate about joining a weekly club night filled with exciting games like Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, and Aliens, as well as other TTRPGs, and you’re seeking a fun, safe charity gaming, please follow this link to sign up and help make Northampton Branch a reality.

Joe, a former member of the Stratford Branch, recently returned to his hometown, where he has garnered strong community support. He has initiated the “Role Together” project, which aims to set up local role-playing clubs and contribute to the community and charitable causes.

“Working with The Role Play Haven to make a Northamptonshire branch happen has been a critical success. I am so delighted that we will be able to create an active table-top gaming community locally with their help.”

– Joe Gritton 

“Opening the 10th branch of The Role Play Haven is incredibly special. It’s a wonderful compliment to know that our club has left such a positive impression on our member that they wanted to bring it to their hometown.”

– Garry Harper, Director of The Role Play Haven 

The Role Together is a charity franchise designed to help the community set up its own role-playing club. Our community funds these club, and each branch also raises money for its chosen charity.

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

25 June, 2024

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