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Hi RP Haven Adventurers! 

With Quarter 2 of the year coming to a close and Quarter 3 right around the corner, we wanted to take some time to look at RP Haven’s plans going forward and our hopes for re-opening.

It’s been some time now in lockdown and since our branches went virtual, this has been both a fantastic time and hard time for our community. I first want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has been involved that has made the virtual branches a success, and thanks to everyone for the support to keep them going during a time they are needed more than ever. Thank you so much! 

Now looking towards the coming months, we want to share our thoughts and our plans moving forward, pending any drastic changes from the Government.

Virtual UK WideSummer Quarter – Q3

This means we are planning to have all the games run for this quarter start and end online.

This will allow everyone from across the country to play games with each other and meet other members of the RP Haven community. Games will run as normal on branch days, organised by the committee, the only difference is if you are playing this quarter, you can sign up using the website for any RP Haven game! We are always excited to bring people together in Role Play and we are super excited about this.

September Quarter (Q4) Back to Branches!

Subject to Government advice, we will be looking towards a September start. Our top priority has always been fun, safe gaming, and we will be eager to return but only when we can assure this for our members! We will be posting regularly through the Summer Quarter to keep you up to date with our plans for returning.

Our Clubs!

Each club has been affected differently throughout this time and we want to make sure to give an update about each of your communities individually.

  • RP Haven: Archway
  • Estimate re-open date: September 2020
  • RP Haven: Cardiff Central
  • Estimate re-open date: September 2020
  • RP Haven: Cardiff North
  • Estimate re-open date: September 2020
  • RP Haven: Hammersmith
  • Estimate re-open date: October 2020
  • Hammersmith is our newest branch and it was quickly gathering an awesome community! Unfortunately, this has been harder online and we are looking for GMs who might be interested in gaming with some awesome players from west London virtually for the summer quarter! Please get in contact with to let us know!
  • We are very keen to relaunch Hammersmith on returning to in-person gaming and the Escape Bar West are eager to help!
  • RP Haven: Lewisham
  • Estimate re-open date: No Date Set Yet.
  • Our oldest BRANCH! Many will know that Lewisham club has met in the Lewis Club for what feels like generations! The Lewis Club is a small members pub on the grounds of Lewisham hospital run by an ex matron Julie. During the Coronavirus the hospital has required all space and all hands on deck, which has meant that the Lewisham Branch will be no longer able to meet at the Lewis club. This is very sad news as the venue feels very much like the dragon egg we hatched from. We are currently looking for new gaming space in Lewisham and are exploring all options. If you know a local venue that may be available please let us know at More announcements will follow as we work to find a new home!
  • RP Haven: Stratford
  • Estimate re-open date: September 2020
  • RP Haven: Plymouth
  • Estimate re-open date: September 2020

The RP Haven – Financially
The RP haven has always held 3 months rent for each branch, in case of crisis. This has allowed us to continue on during this pandemic and we have also received some donations from members which we truly thankful for.

However, with a lack of income for a total of 6 months plus before we return and uncertainty surrounding income after we return, we predict this will affect us deeply. This includes our ability to support our charities, organise/attend events, and build the new website (more important now than ever)

The director team have been working tirelessly to make sure we explore all avenues and one such avenue we will be looking at is fundraising. This will be with the aim of ensuring we can continue to operate fully, including completing projects planned for this year.

Ten Year Anniversary

Something to celebrate!!! The RP Haven will be 10 years old in September! 10 years of fun, safe community gaming that gives back! Wow!

We had plans to celebrate this which we are going to adapt, but we will be celebrating one way or another! We would appreciate any ideas or thoughts so we can make it extra special. We are also going to link this with our fundraising campaign to ensure another 10 years!

I want to thank you all for being part of the community, it has been amazing to see how role players have supported one another during this time! We are excited to move forward and through the challenges.

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15 June, 2020

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