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Hello RP Havener’s near and far, did you miss our website? Well, we have certainly missed it, and you, of course!

It has now been many months since our old website had to be retired, and ever since, we have embarked on a very long and complicated campaign to build the new one.

After you all awesome people contributed generously to our crowdfunding, we have gone through all sorts of bumps and delays along the road-raging from plugin issues, to the hunt for a programmer (which then came down with covid and had to slow right down); we then had to find a new programmer to finish the job, and finally had to fight the hosting company to get it all streamlined….battered, bruised and low on XP we finally did it:

This is version 6.01, and is packed with new brand new designs and exciting features. The most important change will be the “Game Session Tokens (GST)”. To prevent the spread of covid and to support our committee, the RP Haven clubs will now be cash-free. You can purchase your membership card and game session tokens straight on the website. Because this is a new platform, host and website, you will need to register for a new account, if you were registered before.

The membership card can be collected in your branch, and instead of preparing your coins for the night, you will simply bring up the GST on your phone. The committee will then scan it and your payment for the game will be sorted.

Submitting games for GMs has been simplified as well. You can now upload your game (description, details and photo) straight onto the websites, where it will then be approved and go live for visualisations and sign-ups. GMs will need to contact their committee to be permitted to access this new tool. This should not take long, but please consider that games make take a few days to go live after submission.

As always, changes and implementations may not be perfect; should you notice anything, please report it to your committee. All feedback will be collected and will allow us to work on version 6.02, which we aim to release at some point in the first half of 2022.

The website will also contain a Covid guideline for the RPHaven, to make sure we all get back to a safe gaming environment.

So get your devices ready and discover the new website… don’t forget that all the hot news will be on it, including the branches re-opening date!!!

For any other info, you can always rely on your trustworthy committee.

Happy gaming!

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

1 September, 2021

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