New Web Site Features Added

Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce that our website has undergone an update. While the update may seem simple, it involved many complex components implemented in the background, and I’m sure you agree these will be some great and useful features for everyone!

Summary of Update:

  • Waiting List added.
  • Join new games by “Time”, not just “date”.
  • Games Content Warning
  • Icons for Content Warning and New Player Friendly. 
  • New Committee Control Panel, known as CCP. 
  • Message Branch
  • Upgrade Member’s account to GM.
  • New Games Update (v2). 
  • Several bug fixes and restyle of some pages.

Let’s get down to the details…

Waiting List
Players can now join full games and will be automatically added if a player drops out.

Join new games by “Time”, not just “date”.
No more staying up till midnight to join games. Branches can now schedule games by times for players to Join.
NOTE: This is due to be released in one week’s time—perfect for Q1 next year.

Games Content Warning
To improve safety, all games will now have a Game Rating, similar to movie ratings. When you click on “More Information”, an additional content warning is displayed if provided by the GM.

New Player Friendly Icons.
Games that welcome new role-players will display an icon. Some games may be better for beginners, while others are not.

GMS – Read here!
We encourage GMs to take advantage of new features by editing their game (if you got a live game on now?) safety tools at: > Login > My Account > Games Management > Edit Your Game – now scroll to the bottom of the page, complete and submit.

Branches own page under “About Us”.
Each Branch now has its own “About Us” page where they can request to add their content. We plan to give them complete control to edit these pages in future updates. In addition, these pages are also used for advertising their respective branches. Additionally, helpful information is attached, such as accessibility options for disabled toilets and the charity they support, etc. 

New Committee Control Panel, known as CCP. 
We wanted to focus not just on the safety tools for our games page but also on our volunteers. We have created a private section for your Committee, giving them much more control over their Branch. These include:

  ┝━ Message Branch

Branches can email you daily, provided you are signed up to Branch News. 

 ┕━ Upgrade Member’s account to GM.

This used to take time for the Committee to upgrade accounts, but now volunteers have immediate power to do so with our HQ getting involved. 

Games Update V2
Know more “roll call” to check which games are run each week by your Games Coordinator… I can hear them cheering for this! GMs will now have the ability to instantly notify their players if a game is running or not simply by clicking on a traffic light icon under their game.

Red= Not Running
Amber= Default for each week to select an option
Green = Game Running

GMs will also have the option to change their mind should other commitments pop up. This feature resets every Monday!

WARNING: If the GM does not update this, an email will be sent to the players saying no option was selected.
This feature is found > Login > My Account > Games Management >

GMS – Read here!
Games Update V2 will be operational on 25th September 2023, please update your players!

Sadly, with any significant update to a website, the gremlins appear. Please be patient while we resolve them, should you encounter any.

What’s next for us? In the next couple of months, we will contact you via a Survey asking what improvements you want to see next. We want this website to be made for you with your input.

Happy Fun Safe Gaming, everyone!

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

22 September, 2023

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