New Membership Cards for 2021/22

We are super proud of our new design this year. It features 10 years of rolling dice for charity. It also introduces our new logo and brand.

Our new membership cards can be purchased from our website only, to prevent money exchange at our branches. One of the many ways to help prevent the spread of Covid and keeping the community safe. You can collect your physical Welcome Pack with the new stunning membership card soon as you arrive at your branch.

Don’t forget our membership card does not just reserve you a seat at the gaming table, but offers you a massive range of discounts at top TTRPG retails. Here are just some of them.
Leisure Games
Games Sesh
Modiphius Entertainment
Bonhomie Games
Remember, buying a membership card from our website will register you for an account on our website right away and access to lots of awesome features.

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4 September, 2021

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