Mascots and T-Shirts!

As many of you may know, each branch features its unique mascot, symbolizing its identity. Members will soon be able to display their branch’s mascot on t-shirts – this will be coming very soon. For instance, Wales has its grand dragon, while Liverpool boasts The Liver Bird. Now, London has joined in with its distinctive mascot. Stay tuned for Edinburgh’s unveiling. Additionally, the mascot will be showcased on branch pull-up banners, leaflets, the games calendar, and branch emails.

These remarkable pieces were brought to life by the talented artist Jason Juta under the guidance of your branch committee.

Wait, did you say members’ t-shirt? Absolutely! Soon, our members will have the amazing opportunity to pre-order exclusive t-shirts every 3 months featuring your beloved mascot. Although print-on-demand isn’t an option right now, but we can create a large order. Additionally, we’re exploring other merchandise and we’re eager to hear your thoughts. We’ll be actively monitoring the Discord chat for your wonderful ideas.

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

13 June, 2024

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