New Venue for Lewisham Branch – Badger Badger

We are pleased to announce Lewisham Branch has moved to the new venue of Badger Badger, which is located next to Deptford Train Station.

Badger Badger is not your typical pub. On one side you find the Pub, offering the finest ales and a range of diverse food. On the other side Tanuki Gaming, is a board gamers paradise with a staggering large library of tabletop games all under one roof of Badger Badger… We’re on the pub side every Wednesday night from 7pm to 11pm

There also be no reason to ever leave your gaming table as Badger Badger have an app service for all food ‘n drink service!

Sadly the venue we found at St Margaret’s Church did not work out due to cost, location and feedback from the members. This is why we moved the venue at this short notice. 

Badger Badger Address: 139-145 Deptford High Street, London, SE8 3NU

Travel to new Venue

  • Deptford train station, 1-minute walk
  • Deptford Bridge underground station, 10 minute walk
  • Deptford Brudge DLR, 10 minute walk
  • Local bus stop with good connections, 2 minute walk
  • Fee parking from 6pm on Frankham Street – SE8, 5 minute walk

Lewisham Branch starts Q4 gaming for f2f role-playing at Badger Badger 29th September 2021. Don’t forget to book into a game and buy your Game Session Tokens before you arrive. 

More information on Badger Badger can be found here:

PS Did we mention to you yet they do amazing fresh doughnuts?

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

20 September, 2021

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