Keep Calm and Role Play

Hi RP Haven Adventurers. 

This week has been one of the craziest weeks in RPH history! With the big low of cancelling meetups at venues but an amazing high of our first virtual nights! I want to take a moment now at the start of the week to update you all on our plan for the time being, but first, let me say a couple of thank yous!

I want to give a big thanks to all volunteers for leading our communities to online gaming, helping people set up their games online and effectively communicating with everyone to make sure we all know about what’s going! So thank you so much on behalf of the members and myself!

I also want to say a huge thank you to the GMs who have moved their games online and are preparing to run the next quarter of games online! The GM hive mind of the RP Haven is truly amazing!

Lastly our members… Your support the last week has been amazing! Your supportive messages and the offers to help have been very much appreciated, and have helped to keep us going through the chaos! I was absolutely amazed to see everyone online gaming virtually, and it’s you adventurers that make the RP Haven the amazing community it is (in person or online)!!

So let’s talk about the plan like all good plans let’s see how it holds up at the first encounter! But moving forward this is what we’re looking at:

  1. To keep the in-person game nights cancelled until social distancing is no longer advised; this may be some time.
  2. Our amazing local branches will operate virtually; this means club nights as normal for each branch only difference is a “change in the venue”. So same time, same games, same quarters, same sign-ups. The whole lot! ​
  3. We want to make another call out for GMs at each branch to run online games (submitting games as normal). GMs, you’ve been amazing so far, if you think you can run a game online for next quarter for your branch please get in touch with your games coordinators. ​
  4. Sign-ups on the website will continue! We want to encourage all players to sign up for games of their own branches using the website. This is because we hope to see clubs nights come back soon, so to support the communities to do this we want you to be able to attend branches in person when this happens! And remember people who are signed get a seat at the table (channel).​
  5. We are investigating creating a “virtual club”, this would mean members from around the country could play together! This would be amazing and we have lots of requests for this! At the moment this a future plan/idea and the moderating team for discord have been working flat out. With new games starting soon it’s likely to continue. I want to give them a huge thank you for this and say you have been the reason for our amazing games continuing this week!​
  6. The donate link should be available for all adventurers who choose to donate to keep doing so! As always the £2.50 goes to our local charities and running the RPH. ​

I am very proud of our committees, volunteers, GMs and members for the previous week, when it came to crunch time everyone came rallying around our RP communities. I am very much looking forward to this coming week and thank you so much for your ongoing enthusiasm, support and dedication! ​
Remember games nights as normal! (now only virtual!) 
Happy Adventuring,
Dave and the directors 
David Coulter Managing and Community director

Written By Admin

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24 March, 2020

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