Join the Committee

Each branch is run by an elected volunteer committee, which holds regular meetings, once per month. Any member can request a copy of your branch minutes by emailing your branch committee. They are also responsible for upholding The Role Play Haven Constitution, which is our promise to the members.

The Committee is comprised of the following positions:

    • Branch Manager
      This volunteer is the figurehead of the branch and is responsible for making sure the committee volunteers are supported, managed and the branch is running smoothly.
      Branch Managers are senior volunteers of the organisation.
      Volunteer Term: One Years
    • Games Coordinators
      They assure the GM’s are supported and games are operating each quarter at the branch. They also need to communicate with GMs on which games are running each week and update the “Games Update”.Games Coordinators are the right hand of the Branch Manager.
      Volunteer Term: One Year
    • Member Representative (Member Rep)
      Member Rep is the voice of the members during committee meetings, based on feedback they collected from the branch and should never represent themself. They also deal with complaints and have direct communication with the Head Member Representative, who is an elected Director, for serious issues.Typically there are always two Member Reps per branch.
      Volunteer Term: One Year

Volunteer and Become a Committee

There is nothing more rewarding than running a branch and raising money for charity. Typically a volunteer would only need to invest a couple of hours per week. We also have additional support volunteers on hand to help you. 

Important: You do not get paid as a Committee volunteer. You are required to attend meetings and your branch frequently. You must have access to Discord, which can be installed on a computer or smartphone. You will be given an induction and training. You must have an active membership with The Role Play Haven CIC. You must be 18+

Apply to Join Branch Committee

Please complete the form below if you wish to stand as a volunteer committee at the next branch ABM. By applying to be a Committee does not guarantee you a position. You need to be voted in at the branch ABM, unless you are not opposed.

We will ask for sensitive information, which is not shared outside of the organisation but is a legal requirement.

Applications for committee positions are only accepted 1 month before the branch ABM. Please do not apply sooner.






    Volunteer Rights

    We follow the UK government rights for all volunteers in The Role Play Haven.


    ABM Dates for Branches

    Archway, every January
    Cardiff Centre, every March
    Cardiff North, every March
    Edinburgh, every July
    Hammersmith, February
    Liverpool, every March
    Lewisham, every September
    Stratford, every September
    On-Line Branch, every February

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