How We Support Local Charities and Local Communities

Bags of gold coins, precious stones and magical armour! That’s what we find in our games but when it comes to real life it’s all about that pound coins.
So where does that kind of loot come from? 
Well each night we have a game night and we go adventuring all our players pay £2.50 to attend (£3.50 for non-members). Each year our players pay £8.00 to pick up a membership for the year adding to the gold pile. The RP Haven uses some of this money to run the branches with rest going to the local charities. So if you want to give back to community whilst adventuring with goblins and space monsters this is the place to be. (click here to see our games)

We also rely on donations from individuals, big and small, many and few, all go towards our goal of bringing gaming to the community and community to gaming. Check out by selecting the relevant tab for each branch and their selected charities, along with how to donate.

Lewisham Branch

Currently, the Lewisham Branch is committed to raising in aid of Friends of the University Hospital Lewisham. The Friends of UHL raise funds to benefit the patients and staff of the trust. The Friends of UHL was formed in 1958 to raise funds and has provided many items of equipment and amenities for children and adult patBents. The Friends support project, for example, the new Birth Centre, Neo Natal department, Children’s wards, Cancer services to name a few. Our Lewisham branch has recently made a donation which bought 6 wheelchairs for the care of the elderly ward who had previously been using commodes. 

Stratford Branch

Our Stratford branch is currently raising money in aid of MIND in Newham and Tower Hamlets. A community mental health charity. MIND is here to make sure anyone with a mental health or emotional issue has somewhere to turn for advice and support. MIND believe that “Without Mental Health there is No Health” and they understand how difficult it can be for anyone exposed to mental health issues and the impact this can have on others.

The Role Play Haven is a registered community interest company and has its own goals such as; Funding the Role Play Community; Charitable giving; Fundraising; organize special events; Charity Special Forces and Creating Communities. 

We also accept donations and all money donated goes to building a stronger and better Role Play clubs for all to enjoy!

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10 December, 2017

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