A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the survey for the West London branch. The information we received will help us find the perfect location. With confidence, I can say Hammersmith continues to be the best spot for West London based on what you selected and taking into account public transport links.

We will be looking to run the games night on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. As we have an equal split on these three days on the survey – which will fall on the availability of the venue as the final choice. 

The next stage is to find a venue and speak to the previous location to explore options for a launch in Q3 (July).

Your Help is Needed!

To be sure Hammersmith is a success, can we please ask for you to tell your friends and share the news on social media? We are still low on numbers and want to make sure we can break even on the night. 

Join the Committee

As with all our branches, they are run by YOU, the members and so we will need volunteers to help guide this new branch upwards and onwards. We currently have a Branch Manager who many of you know, the awesome Jess and with her, Gabes, who will be a Member Rep. This means we only need a Games Coordinator – for further details on this role or to apply, see the link below.  

Talk to Us!

If you’d like to talk further about the launch of the Hammersmith Branch, or want to chat with the community, join us on our discord channel or our facebook group on the below links:
Discord: https://discord.gg/jkE3WHpYk8
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theroleplayhaven

What Next?

You can expect the next update from us to be giving you a firm start date and venue location. Dust them dice off, this is happening very soon. 

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

11 June, 2022

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