Hammersmith Reopening

Hello RPHavens. This is Jess, Hammersmith’s always hectic branch manager. We are delighted to announce that Role Play Haven’s Branch re-opens to face to face gaming on Wednesday 06th October 2021! YAY!

While we are not completely out of the woods as far as the pandemic is concerned, with most restrictions being lifted we can return to tabletop gaming. Elves and orcs and clones and bears (yes, bears) and whatever else our players and GMs wanna throw at us will finally be able to meet face to face again and fulfil their glorious purposes!

New Start: Some things change. Some stay the same.

HBranch’s fourth quarter (Q4) will be starting on the 6th October at our usual location, Escape Bar West.

The address is Escape Bar Shepherd’s Bush, 174 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8HJ. It is 5 mins walking from Goldhawk Road Station and 15 mins walking from Shepherd’s Bush Station.

Sessions will last from 7pm to 11pm and the bar stays open until 11:00pm. Please be mindful there will be a period of 15 minutes before and after each game for set-up and clean up. While drinks are served at the venue, there is no kitchen so adventurers can bring/order food in at no extra charge from the venue. Toilets are available.

New Games

While we have a couple of games already set to go, including a one shot table, we are seeking new games for GMs/DMs to run in Q4 to kick off our face to face re-opening. To join as a GM, you need to:

  • Be able to attend the venue on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 11pm BST/GMT
  • Be a current member of RPH
  • Be familiar with RPH’s codes of conductyup

No experience is needed, we are happy to receive new GMs as well as experienced ones. If you feel adventurous and wanna run a game email me at Jess@rphaven.co.uk or contact us on any of our social media
platforms such as:

  • Discord https://discord.gg/HeDP6zxs
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/theroleplayhaven/
  • Instagram http://instagram.com/rp_haven/

Anyway, the Hammersmith committee looks forward to seeing you all and witnessing all the amazing, heroic (most of the time) and exciting (always) things you intrepid adventurers will do in your campaigns and all the different ways you will keep our GMs on their toes.

See you soon!

Written By Garry Harper

Post Details:

7 September, 2021

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