Hammersmith Canceled Until January 2022

Hello RPHavens. This is Jess, Hammersmith’s always hectic branch manager. I reach out to you today to talk a bit more seriously than I normally do.

Whilst we announced Role Play Haven’s Hammersmith Branch re-opening to face to face gaming on Wednesday 06th October 2021 we are sorry to inform you that it won’t happen anymore. There are a couple of reasons for it and I will, as always, be very candid with you guys.

One of the reasons is a practical one: the were not enough online sign-ups for the games to justify the reopening. To be able to pull it we need the community to join us and there didn’t seem to have enough interest in the games we uploaded.

The second reason is a personal one:

Some of you know, as I am brutally honest and I believe in speaking openly about it, I am clinically depressed. It is no secret but while I manage it perfectly fine most of the time, there are times when it becomes harder for me to cope and that makes my ability to be efficient in my role as manager a lot harder.

That means I have not focused on promoting the games as much as I previously have, which probably contributed to the low response to the games we uploaded.

All these combined means the Hammersmith Branch committee made the decision to postpone f2f re-opening until January so we can properly organise everything and give you the best possible experience with all our combined effort.

That being said, let’s talk games.

The games announced on the website will now go online instead. Again, due to the low number of sign-ups they may be postponed by a couple of weeks. We will release a game calendar on our social media platforms by the end of this week with further information as well as updates on the website.

I am sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news as I know you guys have been looking forward to it. But don’t give up on us as we will never give up on you either. We’re working hard to try to bring you the best gaming experience and sometimes to do that we need to push things back a bit.

Hope to see you all soon.

Jess Perez
Hammersmith Branch manager

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4 October, 2021

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