Wilderlands of High Fantasy – D&D – Tuesday Game

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Wilderlands of High Fantasy – D&D – Tuesday Game

Wilderlands of High Fantasy – D&D – Tuesday Game

Have you beaten the Curse of Strahd? Ascended from the Abyss? Seen off the Storm King? Plundered the vaults of Waterdeep? Want something a little more open? Then this campaign is for you!*

Players start as shipwrecked strangers on the shores of a foreign land. That's it. That's the story. Backstory is up to the players.

In front of you, you'll find a vast open world with its own warring factions, secrets and opportunities. To the North, the young Kingdom of Warwick marshals its strength and plans for war. To the South, the City State of the Invincible Overlord, groaning under the weight of decadent malaise, throws itself at the feet of a mysterious claimant to the Imperishable Throne. To the East, the pagan chieftains of the ferocious Skandic tribes expand their borders even as they fight amongst themselves for power.

The time is ripe for a band of adventurers to make their mark. Players can adventure, explore the wilderness, build a stronghold, build a ship and go a-sailing, try to overthrow the Emperor and in general do what they like. They could even journey past the borders of the map and end up in even stranger places (but with advanced warning, these laminated maps ain't free)

We'll be playing Dungeons & Dragons, but with rules more akin to 1st edition - so less math, more danger, smaller character sheets, and if you really hate it we'll go back to 5e, alright?

    *No experience in Dungeons & Dragons whatsoever? No problem! This game uses a simple ruleset that can be learned very quickly. Beginners always welcome.

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