When We Die

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When We Die

When We Die

In a mere two weeks, the pillars of government started to crumble, shockwaves of panic throughout the world. Massive looting ensued as the army was called upon to exterminate the source of chaos... Infected people! The world was plagued by a bacterial outbreak that reduced 82% of the population to mere primitives, consumed by the basic needs of eating, sleeping, and wandering aimlessly. Adding to the horror, the very skin of the infected began to rot and decay, leaving them to suffer a gruesome fate. They quickly became known as Zombies, but they are not dead!

In the midst of the post-apocalyptic chaos, a few resilient survivors banded together to form gangs for protection, while others fought to stay alive on their own. The once-familiar sense of normalcy was shattered, and a new era of uncertainty and danger emerged.

You are among the few survivors who have found a relatively safe haven among a group that welcomed you in and has given you a safe place, but you must earn your keep. The world as you know it is set in a post-apocalyptic future where you must constantly fight to survive against rival groups, scavenge for resources, and help keep your community safe. The plotline is designed to work around your character's own objectives, adding depth and complexity to your journey. Will you be able to overcome the challenges that come your way and emerge victorious in this harsh new world?

Previously, the game was playtested with a focus on character development, and the next playtest session will concentrate on character progression, survival aspects, and world progression. The game will be similar to a typical game. However, at the end of the session, we will have a 10-minute feedback session to collect important suggestions for improving the game. Everyone who participates will be credited in the published core book. If you're new to RPGs, don't worry - this game is very friendly towards new gamers.

When We Die uses a tactical narrative system that places success or failure directly in your hands. With a unique Resilience-based dice system, you decide whether it’s worth using up your physical and emotional resources to ensure success; resources you may well need to survive the days ahead.

This is not a continuation of the previous game.

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
This game will contain at lot of violence and graphic described medical scenes regarding infected.

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