URA Case File: Monster on Mars

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URA Case File: Monster on Mars

URA Case File: Monster on Mars

Embark on a thrilling sci-fi adventure set in a future where humanity has pushed the boundaries of bioengineering. Amidst the sprawling colonies of the solar system, genetic modifications have become commonplace, leading to incredible advancements—and unforeseen dangers.

The players are elite agents of the Universal Rights Authority (URA), an internationally recognized agency dedicated to upholding human rights and combating illicit activities. They have been dispatched to Olympus Mons, the capital city of Mars, in response to a mysterious and chilling discovery: an unknown creature found dead, linked to several unexplained deaths in the area.

As URA agents, the players must delve into the depths of Mars' underbelly, navigating the shadowy world of illegal genetic modifications and underground organizations. Their investigation will uncover dark secrets and powerful adversaries, challenging their skills and resolve at every turn.

Explore a richly detailed future where advanced technology and genetic modifications have reshaped society. Encounter the benefits and perils of intense bioengineering, from enhanced humans to experimental war beasts. Play as agents of the Universal Rights Authority, tasked with uncovering the truth and maintaining order amidst chaos. Investigate in the capital city of Mars, a bustling metropolis with a seedy underworld hiding dangerous secrets.

Join us in this gripping campaign where science fiction meets noir, and every clue brings you closer to unravelling the enigma of the dead creature—and the sinister forces behind it. We will be using GURPS 4E and doing an in depth session 0 for both character gen and to discuss what themes people are happy exploring in this game.

Content Warnings :

Slavery, maybe sexual themes

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