Ultraviolet Grasslands

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Ultraviolet Grasslands

Ultraviolet Grasslands

Imagine a group of warriors riding horses shooting arrows at a giant robot
A wizard assembling a machine gun with his mind
A half-elf sliding a memory crystal into her head to unlock secrets of her alien elven ancestry 
A demonic revolver whispering of a portal to the Fast Stars above

Genre inspirations:
Zardoz, Heavy Metal, Mad Max: Fury Road 

You play a group of mercenaries, explorers, traders, cultists, renegades, and poets, trying to reach the Black City, a mythic place supposedly on the edge of time and space.

To survive the journey, you set off with a caravan. You can use this just to carry your food and weapons, or grow it into a massive money-generating pillar of commerce. 

The game will run off a system largely similar to D&D 5E, you have six attributes, and skills which run off those attributes. If you want to do something, roll a d20, and add your skill. There's AC and hit points, and spells.

Beyond that, it's pretty rules light in terms of how combat and social interactions work. I'll be running theatre of the mind combat with abstract distances. An enemy will be next to you, close, far, or really far. 

However, the game does feature inventory and resource management as you attempt to maintain a profitable caravan to support your journey across the continent. Most of the playable races must eat to survive. Part of the challenge is deciding whether to take that plasma rifle you found to sell at the next town, or to carry an extra bag of rations instead so you don't risk starving. This may come up every session, so if that doesn't sound interesting, this may not be the game for you.

You start off without a class, and earn one through accomplishing a great deed (slaying a great monster, mastering magic, completing a quest for your god, stealing a fortune, killing a leader, consorting with a demon.)

The game rewards XP as much for exploration as it does for defeating enemies, and your XP can be invested into your character to level up, or making your weapon, pet, or mount stronger. These can include things such as horses, warhounds, battlecats, giant lizards, and talking motorcycles.

The point crawl element of the game means it falls into phases of play. You gather resources and supplies in a town, pick a destination along the map that you can reach from where you are, and set off. I roll to see if anything happens on the way, then you arrive at the next location. From here, you can speak to NPCs, buy things, sell things, go drinking, learn more about the world, accept quests, and then move on.
There are some dungeons in the game, but the vast majority of the game is overland travel across the continent. 

You do not need to buy the UVG PDF to play this game. Additionally, the vast majority of the game is going to be using altered rules or completely new homebrew elements, so I'd feel super guilty if you bought the PDF for no reason.

Playable races:
Psychic Cats
Porcelain Princes (single consciousnesses and personalities across multiple bodies, all wear masks)
Spectrum Satraps (beings of pure light encased in cosmonaut suits)
Ultras (Ghosts that can possess people, may have been around for hundreds of years)
Wine Vampires (exactly what they sound like, all nobility)
Vomes ('Violent mechanisms' - Secret robots posing as humans, doomed to break down due to bugs in their code)
Half-Elves (Elves are from space, and have all long since disappeared)
Dwarves (Genetically modified workers, overthrew the Wine Vampires, now rulers of their own land)
Half-Orcs (Descended from Orcs, genetically modified super soldiers, all wiped out in the Orc Wars)
Half-Lings (Lings are from space, and have all long since disappeared)
Quarter-Ling (Descended further from Half-Lings)
Mutant (Catch all so you can play as whatever you want)
Combat Droid (whatever that means to you)
Protocol Droid (whatever that means to you but we all know you're playing C-3PO)

Possible content warnings for the campaign: death, violence, starvation, body horror, mutation, cannibalism, alcohol and drug use, insects, possession, enclosed spaces
If at any time anyone is uncomfortable with what's happening in the game for any reason, I will pause the game, we can make a change, and then move forward

We have played for two quarters, this may be our final leg of the journey before reaching the end of the campaign, but we still have much of the world to explore, and there isn't a super important main quest or story you need to know beyond 'we're going over that hill to see what's over there', so please don't feel worried about joining!

If you have any questions, please do message me or come and ask on the night!

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