Tyranny of Dragons – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

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Tyranny of Dragons – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Tyranny of Dragons – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Adventurers of all stripes, heed the call! The Sword Coast is under siege. Rumors whisper of shadowy cultists, ruthless dragons, and a treasure hoard so vast it could reshape the world itself. The Cult of the Dragon is on the move, and their sinister plot threatens to awaken a nightmare from the depths of the Nine Hells!

Join forces with iconic factions, forge powerful alliances, and embark on a journey from humble beginnings to legendary status. Whether you're a fresh-faced adventurer eager to prove your mettle, or a seasoned hero looking for your next epic challenge, this campaign has something for everyone. Face cunning enemies, explore ancient ruins, and battle fearsome dragons in a race against time to prevent the resurrection of the dread dragon queen, Tiamat.

The fate of Faerûn hangs in the balance. Will you rise to the occasion and become the heroes the world needs? Or will the tyranny of dragons reign supreme? Prepare for an unforgettable adventure where bravery, strategy, and teamwork are your greatest weapons. The road will be perilous, but the rewards will be legendary. Answer the call, and let your story be written in the annals of history!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with "Tyranny of Dragons," a thrilling campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, starting with a Session 0 where we will create characters and fully explore our lines and veils using a whole host of safety tools. We'll then engage in a daring one-shot adventure designed to draw the party together before we begin the journey to the hub town of Greenest.

We'll use TTRPG Safety tools to ensure everyone feels comfortable. If any content makes you uneasy, please let us know so we can adjust as needed. Let's create an epic adventure together!

Content Warnings :

Violence, Combat, Dark Themes: Involves evil cults, malevolent forces, and dark magic.

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