Q3 – Tomb of Annihilation (Part 3)

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Q3 – Tomb of Annihilation (Part 3)

Q3 – Tomb of Annihilation (Part 3)

Tomb of Annihilation is a Dungeons  and Dragons 5th-edition adventure for characters of 1st to 10th level.

Set in the sprawling jungles and endless marshes of Chult, the story follows a party of adventurers who must put to rest a terrible evil that threatens to disrupt the natural order by snatching away the souls of the dead, preventing them from entering the afterlife or being resurrected.

So far, the characters have learned that a mysterious otherworldly device called the Soulmonger has somehow been brought into the Material Realm, though who brought it here, and to what end, remains a mystery.

The visions of powerful seers have suggested the Soulmonger lies hidden in the "Forbidden City" of Omu - once the capital of Chult but now lost from living memory and lying forgotten deep within the uncharted interior of this dark continent.

This third chapter of the adventure will follow the exploits of the party as they try to learn the location of Omu, make their way to the Forbidden City and search for clues to the truth about the Soulmonger.

Player Characters will start this chapter of the adventure at level 5.  This is likely to be the third of four Quarters. New players are always welcome, as new characters can be integrated into the story at any point. This game makes use of a few third party and home-brew systems bolted on to a DnD 5e core.  A limited selection of Species (Races) are available to play at the start, with additional options being unlocked as the party encounters new people in-game.  Character creation options are subject to DM approval to maintain balance and fit the setting/style of the game.

Content Warnings :

Violence/Gore/Torture/Kidnap/Slavery/Suicide/Animal Suffering/Sex

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