Tomb of Annihilation (Part 2)

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Tomb of Annihilation (Part 2)

Tomb of Annihilation (Part 2)

Chapter 2 sees a group of unlikely heroes starting to spread their wings and travel far and wide as they search for clues about the nature and source of a strange affliction that has become known as the "Death Curse".

Little is known about this curse except that it originates from somewhere in the heart of Chult, a savage land of jungles and swamps filled with deadly wild creatures as well as hordes of undead left over from a war that raged hundreds of years ago.

As the party explores this strange new world they will come into contact with many different groups, sometimes forging alliances and sometimes making bitter enemies. Will they find their answers hidden in the ruins of long-dead civilisations, or nestled in one of the small "points of light" in this dark continent? 

This adventure is run using Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, but also uses a selection of supplementary rules plucked from various third-party sources.  The story continues from last quarter with player characters at level 3.  This is a long-term adventure which will span multiple quarters and take PCs to level 10 or 11. The adventure also has a reputation for being particularly deadly and players should be prepared for character death at any point.  New players are welcome.

Content warning: Potentially contains references to troubling content relating to a wide range of issues including discrimination, kidnap, torture, slavery, graphic violence, execution, child loss, animal cruelty and phobias.

Content Warnings :

Multiple adult themes. Safety tools in use. No sexual violence.

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