These Four Walls (Homebrew 5e)

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These Four Walls (Homebrew 5e)

These Four Walls (Homebrew 5e)

The Holy City of Verus stands central in the continent, no extreme heat or extreme cold. Only extreme beliefs.

In Verus, It is illegal to practice magic without a permit and only roughly 10% of the populace are qualified for one. If you are caught in Verus using magic, the consequences range from overnight jail time to full on execution. The leader of Verus believes that control and discipline over such powers can only benefit the general populace. Magic has been drawing beasts of all manner toward the city and limiting it has helped tremendously with fending them off. But all is not as they seem in this utopia of religion and commerce.

You will be playing in my homebrew setting of this city so please communicate your character ideas prior to the first session for the most interesting and engaging gameplay.

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