The Wicked Ones

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The Wicked Ones

The Wicked Ones

In The Wicked Ones you play as the monsters! You will be scouting out and upgrading your dungeon, deciding on an evil scheme to pursue, raiding the surface, and stealing, sneaking, smashing and subverting your way to the top of the faction food-chain in a fiction first collaboratively created sandbox! 

This is a Forged in the Dark rules set streamlined to get you doing what is most fun as quickly as possible while skipping the boring bits. With specific rules for resisting your dark temptations and (if your resist too many) going feral, this is a great game to lean into your most monstrous side. 

It should be noted; your characters are uncomplicatedly evil. These are not misunderstood, good-deep-down, golden-hearted anti-heroes. They do not hesitate to kill, maim or mistreat the innocent if it might give them an advantage or score some loot. While we will discuss lines and veils and what topics or actions the group feels comfortable including, the game assumes as a central premise a fundamental lack of empathy on the character's parts. If you prefer to play a good guy, maybe skip this one out.

This adventure will run for twelve weeks. If you sign up, there is an expectation you will be able to attend most of the sessions.

Content Warnings :

Kidnapping, torture, murder, gore

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