The Suffolk Secrets (UK set Delta Green campaign)

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The Suffolk Secrets (UK set Delta Green campaign)

The Suffolk Secrets (UK set Delta Green campaign)

The Suffolk Coast, Spring, 1971.

Behind the bucolic rural façade of the Suffolk coast, something is wrong. Very. Wrong. This isolated part of England is home to massive nuclear power stations, nuclear weapons research facilities, Anglo-Saxon burial sites, ancient capitals now lost to the sea, and iconoclastic communities trying to carve out their own place in the sun.

A force is stirring, a network of cultists long dormant have been prodded into action, and something terrible is being called.

The Campaign includes extensive period appropriate background details. It involves Seven scenarios which can be traversed in different orders, and not all scenarios need to be completed to reach the appalling conclusion.

Delta Green is a game of modern Lovecraftian investigations. The players will be agents of PISCES (the British Delta Green).

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