The Pirates Of Drinax – Traveller RPG

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The Pirates Of Drinax – Traveller RPG

The Pirates Of Drinax – Traveller RPG

An epic sandbox campaign. The travellers are entrusted with a Letter of Marque by the King of Drinax, allowing them to prey on "illegal" trade around the borders of his now defunct kingdom. The King hopes that this piracy/privateering will create the conditions to restore his kingdom to its former glory. He hopes to win back the worlds lost over the last few hundred years. But thats just the start... With the formidable Harrier Class Commerce Raider ship provided, how they proceed is up to the travellers. Will they make their fortune among the pitiless stars, or will the cold depths of the Trojan Reach be their grave? Will they get greedy and attract pirate hunters and Q-Ships? Or tread a careful path of slow build, exapnding their fleet... The campaign has plotted adventures as well as open sandbox play, some triggered by events or the machinations of the great powers of The Aslan Heirate and the Imperium, some heists which present themselves to the Travellers. In the end, they can affect history. They will keep track of which ports are friendly, hostile or some graduation in between. When the tide comes in - will there be enough friendly ones to hold it at bay??? Traveller is a very easy game system. It lives in a setting which is very deep and immersive. We will generate characters to start play.

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