The Grim Harvest: Death Ascendant

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The Grim Harvest: Death Ascendant

The Grim Harvest: Death Ascendant

Death Ascendent is the second adventure in the classic 2e Ravenloft adventure trilogy, The Grim Harvest. Converted into 5e, this adventure will have you venturing into the city of Darkon, the dark domain of the lich lord Azalin, into the city of Nartok. Evil brews within the Temple of Elemental order, death walks the land and calamity looms on the horizon.  Info about the game: - This game features themes of gothic horror. Character death is a very real possibility. - New players to D&D 5e and/or the Ravenloft setting are very welcome! - Characters will be created in the first session, but players can bring their own pre-made if they wish. (No content from the Strixhaven, Ravnica, Explores Guide to Wildemount, or Eberron books please. Characters must originate from outside of Ravenloft.) Pre-gens will be available too! - Safety tools will be in place at the table, including detailing lines and veils at the start of the first session.

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