The Great American Witch (Fortnightly)

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The Great American Witch (Fortnightly)

The Great American Witch (Fortnightly)

Game nights: 10th/24th January, 7th/21st February, 6th/20th March

High in the woods of the Appalachian mountains on the border of Virginia and Kentucky lies the small, isolated county of Dickenson, VA. Here the Veil between the world and what lies beyond is thin, and ancient powers seek to cross over to do as they will with the mundanes. Your coven is sworn to stand between humanity and those from beyond, to protect against whatever might wish to prey on them, whatever the cost.

The Great American Witch is a modern gothic horror RPG about the secret world of witches in America and the supernatural threats seeking to destroy them. The system is a simplified Powered-by-the-Apocalypse variant based on the award-nominated "The Great American Novel RPG" by the same author.

You play witches of legend, with the power to destroy societies and topple governments. You play avatars of ancient goddesses: feared, worshipped, or reviled through the ages. Your witches create miracles, protect the world from supernatural terrors, and save humanity from themselves. Your witches are the divine on earth and keepers of the most powerful magic in the world. Yet they are surrounded by enemies, vilified by history, and hunted by secret societies. Constant threats work to destroy them. What their enemies lack in power they make up for in numbers. To be revealed as a witch can be a death sentence.


Your witches will continuously balance between the coven’s needs, their broader community, and the mundanes in their lives. Stories will be about navigating the many threats your coven will face to keep the people and places they care about safe.

While there will be plenty of action, the real story will be about your coven’s choices and how your witches change from the challenges they confront. They will need to protect the people they love from harm, but also contain their power for the greater good. The Great American Witch creates stories about choices and consequences, dilemmas, heroism, and tragedies.

Content Warnings :
Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal)
This is a gothic horror game which will feature supernatural creatures and the terrors they inflict on humanity, as well as the horrors that humans inflict upon each other.

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