The Enemy Within – Redux.

Game Summary
The Enemy Within – Redux.

The Enemy Within – Redux.

The Enemy Within - Redux Many years ago, in the dark mists of the 1980s, the fledgling hobby of TTRPGs saw a plethora of campaign settings and adventures appear, all bidding for the attention of would be adventurers. Many have been lost to time, muttered about by those who are long in the tooth and are confused over the precise content, but some remain in people's memories, even by some who never even played them. One such campaign is The Enemy Within. A sprawling campaign set across multiple texts and mini adventures, many regard it as the standard against which other adventures are measured. I would never go so far as to suggest such, but The Enemy Within is quite an epic tale and one I desire to share with other RPH members. Set across the Empire and realms beyond in the Warhammer universe of old (not the Age of Sigmar setting) the adventurers are charged with carrying out tasks for various nobles and merchants across the realm, not realising they are but pawns in a very large game of Chess. Veterans who have played this before will note that this is a revised version of the campaign with new side quests and plot arcs that will surprise you. 

Table Talk: The Enemy Within (TEW) is a campaign for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game (WFRP) 4th Edition, that is published by Cubicle 7. This 2d10 based system is unique from most fantasy based TTRPGs in that the players take on the roles of relatively ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Magic is difficult to the point of being very dangerous for the person who is attempting it more than their intended target. Wounds can have long term effects, limbs can be lost, and you can also get very, very drunk. 

Game Stats: 

Players: 5

Session 0?: Yes - character creation

Duration: Long (multiple quarters)

Setting: Low magic fantasy, grim and perilous (character death/maiming is common)

Complexity: Medium (based on success on die rolls)

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