The Dragon’s Bane: D&D 5th Edition

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The Dragon’s Bane: D&D 5th Edition

The Dragon’s Bane: D&D 5th Edition

Join the elite ranks of The Dragon's Bane!

Are you ready for the ultimate test of skill and courage? The Dragon's Bane is a guild of dragon hunters, dedicated to protecting the realm from the destructive power of dragons. We are seeking skilled warriors, powerful sorcerers, and brave adventurers to join our ranks.


As a member of The Dragon's Bane, you'll have the opportunity to:

 Exciting, adventurous fun.  

Hunt and defeat powerful dragons

Acquire valuable treasure and rewards

Make a difference in the world by protecting the innocent

Train with the best dragon hunters in the land

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for adventure.

If you have what it takes to become a Dragon's Bane, come and join us. Apply today and start your journey to becoming a legendary dragon hunter.


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