The Dee Sanction

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The Dee Sanction

The Dee Sanction

The Dee Sanction

..a strange connection exists between all things -supernatural, immortal, intellectual, simple and indivisible..
No prior knowledge is necessary of the game or of history.

The forces at work against Elizabethan power draw on the primal and malevolent forces of the supernatural...
in 1563, after a foiled sorcerous plot against her,  Queen Elizabeth created the Dee Sanction. This created a covert agency dedicated to protecting England from the supernatural. It was headed by her confidant, the occultist and scholar Dr John Dee. As well as more mudane methods, its agents are permitted to use magic secretly and only in defence of the realm. You serve as agents of Dee, but not by free choice. Rather, a sense of self preservation drives you. Your small talents in the mystic arts (you are far from heroic wizards, merely normal people who became hapless dabblers) cannot save you. But Dee offers a little hope, serve well and, just maybe, earn your freedom.

You play "nearly normal people" with just a little advantage due to some minor angelic favours.
There is some horror, think a little like historical cthulu.

This game has simple, unique mechanics. It is set in an alternate history where magic is real and angels may talk to those who understand. We will try and create a general feel and sense of the historical period rather than sticking to too much detail or accuracy.
The game won awards -
Best new RPG judges award at Games Expo 2021,  Peoples award for Best adventure Expo 2022.

There is very little material out there for this game, and I will be drawing on it all, so if you are signing up, please don't read  adventures or watch actual plays, beyond a tiny, weeny bit  (if  you really feel you need to get the flavour). There will be home brew stuff too, of course...

We will discuss and establish lines/veils before we play and continue to assess as we go.

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