Coriolis: The Breaking of Alkanz Alkhafiu Station

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Coriolis: The Breaking of Alkanz Alkhafiu Station

Coriolis: The Breaking of Alkanz Alkhafiu Station

Your crew has been hired to investigate recent damage to Alkanz Alkhafiu Station. A treasure trove of technology lost in the Long Night, any Faction would love to persuade this independent operation to sign up with them. It’s a wonder the station survives at all out there in the Dark that twists minds and steals souls but, Icons be merciful, you can get in, fix the problem and get out again without being claimed by the Dark, gaining some money – or even technology – in the process. --- Coriolis is space opera inspired by 1001 Nights, Firefly and Alien. Every GM leans into one of those influences and for myself, I like the 1001-Nights, Arabian-culture angle. This scenario is designed to introduce people to Coriolis but I can easily ramp it up for experienced players.

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