The Angel’s Share – Traveller RPG

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The Angel’s Share – Traveller RPG

The Angel’s Share – Traveller RPG

Science Fiction Adventure In The Far Future

The fifth frontier war is over. The Travellers, like thousands of others recently discharged from the military, need work and luckily a job comes their way. It seems a ship, presumed lost in the war, is actually submerged on a water world nearby. The travellers are to go there, raise it, get it into working condition and crew it. But what was it doing there? And what are those encrypted files on the ships computer? Travelling always involves varied adventures but there’s also something bigger going on here…

This adventure comes with pre-generated characters. Generating your own characters at the start is also okay if people want to, but they will need to fit the required skill sets and backgrounds so we could work on this together. Traveller is the oldest Sci-Fi RPG. There have been at least 10 editions since it started on 1976. It has had a hugely devoted following throughout with lots of fan involvement/material and many online resources like and Traveller Wiki . It’s a “hard(ish) sci-fi” universe in that apart from a few (hugely significant) scientific breakthroughs it resembles our own. And player characters are not super heroes but (highly trained) normal people. Even if those people are from genetically uplifted canine stock on Terra, or cybernetically enhanced. That doesn’t mean there aren’t aliens, ancient artefacts, laser weapons, strange anomalies, robots etc. Just that those must fit into the scheme of the universe. And NO! You won’t die in character generation.

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